Free online Baselight tutorials

Colourists across the globe can now benefit from Paul’s expertise. Through the Baselight Tutorial website, he will provide the knowledge he has spent years acquiring to those wishing to further their abilities. Paul will continue to explore the Baselight system and provide updates as new tools and versions become available. In addition to this online training, he is available for one on one training at your Post Production facility.

Paul Lear is an experienced and innovative colourist, who is now sharing his unique abilities with Baselight colourists worldwide. Considered one of the elite in the Colour Grading Industry, Paul began his career in the lion’s den of film and television. From those early years in Hollywood, to the present in the new film empire of New Zealand, Paul has spent the last twenty two years educating himself and others on the vast array of Colour Grading technology. With the Pogle on the Rank Turbo 2, Da Vinci on the Ursa Gold, Diamond, Spirit, or Millennium, he has mastered both the technology as well as developed new methods of colouring that are now utilized by colourists everywhere.

Having operated the Baselight since its inception, Paul has spent over seven years endeavoring to make himself a master of the technology. With 14 feature films, 100 hours of television drama, and innumerable commercials completed on the Baselight, he has explored every aspect of the system. He has demonstrated Baselight on behalf of Filmlight at NAB, and post houses in Moscow, Los Angeles, Chicago, Melbourne, and Sydney, and has trained colourists in Hong Kong, Sydney, Hollywood, Moscow, and New Zealand.

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