Free online Baselight tutorials

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the online baselight tutorials really free?

Yes, they are free to anyone that visits this website.  All I ask is that you learn as much as you can and then tell another colourist all about this website.


Are you available for one on one training at our location or facility?

Yes, I have trained many colourist around the world and would be happy to come to your facility.  Please drop me an email and we create personalize a training plan to fit your needs.


Are you available for personal training on-line?

Yes, I now can hold training sessions on-line.  I share my Baselight screen and will go though the system or answer specific questions you have. 

What are .blg files?

The .blg format was created by Filmlight to allow us colourist to export a stack of strips to be used in another baselight system or with baselight edictions (plugins).  This is much better than using a Lut as this gives you the option of having shapes, blending modes and grain included in the set of strips. For more information go to filmlight's website here.

How long have you been using baselight?

I have been using a baselight system full time since version 1.0.  I think it has been over nine years now.  Version 1.0 was very different and you needed to use the command line a lot.